About Us

I grew up hunting and fishing on a farm in upstate New York, and joined the army as a medic on September 2nd, 2003. Upon completing a long training pipeline in 2005, I became a medic for the 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.  

My training included Airborne School, Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP) medical training at Fort Sam, Houston, TX, and John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Training Center, 18D course, in Fort Bragg, NC.  This was where I completed the first six months of the 18D course to become a Ranger Battalion medic.  

I served two tours in Iraq with Alpha Company 1st Platoon, 1st Ranger Battalion of Savannah, GA until 2007.  During my time as a medic utilizing a multitude of different products and gear,  I started to think of ways to improve and to store the gear I was using.  I was always modifying my own gear so it would work as I wanted.  

In 2009 I started working overseas as a medical officer for SOC.  I noticed there had been a lot of advancements, but none of the things I had worked on were there.  Over the next few years, I continued to modify things to make them fit my needs, and in the years to follow I started looking around for better parts and materials I could use to make my own gear from scratch.  

A friend introduced me to Kydex and wanted me to make a knife sheath with it.  The rest is history.  I helped him make his modifications and then ordered my own Kydex. I realized I could make things the way I wanted them.  

I developed the IWB holster for a friend who asked me to make him a holster because he was uncomfortable.  After some trial and error, the Wilder IWB was born.  Simple, functional, and extremely comfortable.

I developed my tourniquet holder after having my rubber bands break due to drying out and becoming brittle.  Many people I know have been doing that for years and dealing with the same problems.  It’s fast and efficient, but they dry out and break every few weeks, especially when in the elements.  It ended up being a radical new idea that was embraced by many, and faster then I could make them.  

It has since been modified to the current design standard for a specific look, but the function has always remained the same: solid and reliable.  The original shape had smooth rolling lines, the second version offered better coverage from the elements, and the latest "Evolution" model fits all major tourniquet models and functions better than ever.

The majority of my products are designed for comfort and efficiency, and to meet the demands of real-world environments.  I have all my gear tested and evaluated by professionals that ACTUALLY use them. They work in the harshest environments and require their gear to just plain work. Their lives depend on it.  

I decided to start Wilder Tactical at the urging of my friends and family. I wanted to make my products available to anyone whose life depended on tools that are functional and practical. Wilder Tactical products will be everything you need and nothing you don't.  

Josh VanHeusen, Owner
Wilder Tactical, LLC