Q1. Is a tactical belt different than a gun belt?

A1: A gun belt is typically either 1.5” or 1.75” wide, like our Minimalist Belts and Cobra Belts. A good gun belt will be 2 layers of webbing so that it is rigid enough to be able to support a weapon and a few other carry items like an extra mag or light.

The term gun belt is generic, because any belt that is compatible with your holster clip would work, even a plain leather belt.

The biggest difference between ours and the competition is that the webbing we use is specially made for us.

We wanted a belt that was solid and rigid enough to hold a carry load out without any sagging or binding, but also fit well with your body.

A tactical is different and typically comprises either a 1.75” or 2” wide web belt base and layered with either a traditional 1” MOLLE Webbing, or a layer of Nylon Cordura Laser Cut MOLLE that is then sewn on to the main web belt.

Laser cut belts are relatively new to this industry, and to be honest, we haven’t seen one come through that the Wilder team would approve or use ourselves.

Laser cutting is way more efficient than traditional cut and sew, and much lighter. But there is really only one type of material called Squadron.

It is a layer of 1000 D Cordura Nylon, then bonded with a layer of 500D in a proprietary fashion and method by a company called Brookwood.

It also happens to be one of the most expensive materials to buy, so most don’t use it and either create their own or buy something they claim to be equivalent


Q2: How do you make your tactical belt comfortable to wear?

A2: For all our Minimalist Belts and Urban Assault Belts, we have a proprietary formula that is used by the mill to make our webbing.

It's all about flexibility mixed with just the right amount of rigidity that sets the standard when it comes to gun belts and battle belts.

One other key point is the optional addition of our Urban Assault Pads to add even more comfort. It also gives you the option to wear and use and of our belts without the need for an inner belt or shorts or pants with belt loops.


Q3: How do I use the tactical belt if I don't have belt loops?

The neoprene underside adheres to just about any article of clothing, and even would work and hold on a naked body as well. (Bad things happen at all times, even during those moments).


Q4: What materials are used in your tactical belts?

A4: For our Minimalist Belt, EDC and Inner Belt Cobra, we use 1 1.5” SCUBA webbing finished off with the Cobra FM buckle.

The FM buckle is small but mighty with an astounding 800 pound working capacity! All of our belts, minus the buckles are Made in the USA with USA materials.

The buckles come from AustriAlpin, which is the industry standard when it comes to Cobra buckles.


Q5: What materials are used in your pouches?

A5: Squadron, Hook and Loop, Shock Cord, Injection molded side walls and T90 thread. All materials are created and manufactured 100% in the USA.


Q6: How much weight can your tactical belt hold?

A6: Let’s put it this way, Type 13 webbing alone far exceeds the ability for a person to carry at 7,000 pounds. The Cobra buckle has a rating of a little over 4,000 pounds.


Q7: Where are your tactical belts made?

A7: All our tactical belts are made in the USA with all American made materials.


Q8: How do I measure to get the right size belt?

A8: This is where it gets tricky. Clothing uses vanity sizing which typically is anywhere from 1”-4” smaller than actual measurements.

We have a pant size chart that most will fall under, but there are some people who fall in between sizes. We do offer custom sizes on all our belts (except the Minimalist and Wide Belt Pads) for no additional charge.

To do this, all you need to do is take a soft tape measurement over top of a pair of pants and either over or through the belt loops. Then you can either call it in, or email info@wildertactical.com.


Q9: How long does it take to get my order?

A9: Typical lead times can be anywhere from 1-6 weeks, but that can and will change at unpredictable times. Typically, this happens when either materials are in shortage, or large government orders come in.

Our products are all custom made with the best materials in the business. Quality takes time and it's worth the wait to get a top notch product that will last a lifetime.


Q10: Which buckle type should I choose for my belt?

A10: If you want to take a minimalist approach, the Cobra FM is a great choice.

If you are used to traditional size buckles, or need more strength, then a Standard Cobra or the Cobra IDR buckle is the best choice.


Q11: How do I clean my belt and pouches?

A11: Soap and warm water. If it's really dirty, you can use soap, warm water and a little scrub brush.


Q12: How do I know the right setup with med pouches, mag pouches, and dump pouches for me?

A12: Our Elite Kits come standard with a traditional battle load out but can be modified if you require a different load out (by request).

We always recommend a Med Kit, which is an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). It is designed for immediate life saving initial self-treatment in a fast and efficient manner.


Q13: How do I use a belt pad and why do I need it?

A13: The Urban Assault Pad simply attaches to the underside of the main belt's hook (rough side).

To do so, lay the belt on a flat surface, and start at one side. Make sure to line the pad up with the main belt as you go and attach it all the way until the other end.

By adding the Urban Assault Pad, you add a layer of padding for comfort, but it also allows you to wear the belt without an Inner Belt or pants with belt loops.


Q14: How do I use an inner belt and why do I need it?

A14: The Inner Belt will replace your normal pant belt. It is designed with a single layer of 1.5” SCUBA webbing.

The outer facing side has Loop (soft) that will adhere to the Hook (rough) on the underside of the main belt to lock it in place. This eliminates any belt slipping or the need for belt keepers.


Q15: What is the difference between the UBL, QUBL, and VUBL?

A15: UBL is made in either a Mid Ride or Low Ride height level for your holster and is stationary so you cannot adjust the height or cant (angle) of the holster beyond what the holster offers.

The QUBL and VUBL have an adjustable track that allows you to adjust the height of the holster from Hi, Mid or Low ride positions.

The QUBL includes a Quick Locking Receiver (QLS), and the VUBL is a direct to holster only.


Q16: What is the most popular package for your first tactical belt?

A16: Urban Elite Kit


Q17: What is the best attachment type? Do all attachment types work with all belts?

A17: If you need a belt clip, either the UAB Clip or DUTY UAB Clip is the best option.

If you are attaching them to an outer carrier or plate carrier, get Molle-Lok for our Evolution Pouches and the Malice Clips for our Urban Assault Pouches.


Q18: Do you offer a warranty?

A19: All our products come with a Lifetime Guarantee. We will either repair or replace any of our products for the life of the product.

Disclaimer: We will make the judgement as to whether it was a manufacturing defect or material defect.


Any other questions? Email us!