Evolution Double Stacked AR15/Universal Pistol Magazine Pouches

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With the introduction of the Evolution Series of pouches, customers have been given the ability to customize how they would like to stack certain pouches in order to save much needed real estate on their kit.

Now customers have the opportunity to take advantage of pre-stacked kits.

The Evolution Double Stacked AR-15/Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch offers the customer a pre-stacked Evolution Universal AR-15 Magazine Pouch as a base in addition to an Evolution Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch conveniently stacked in order to free up much needed space on the operator’s kit.

The Evolution Series pouches give the user the ability to customize how and where they would like mount items to their kit. Each pouch comes with an adjustable compression strap that is designed to maintain stability even when empty.


  • Evolution Universal AR-15 Magazine pouch is compatible with steel and polymer AR-15 magazines with a capacity of 10, 20, 25, 30, and 40 rounds of 5.56/.223 ammunition (to include H&K and Magpul PMAG)
  • Evolution Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch is compatible with any duty caliber single stack or double stacked steel or polymer magazines (9mm, .40 cal, .357 sig, .45 ACP, and 10mm)

Material: Molded Plastic and Adjustable Compression Strap


  • 1 x AR-15 Magazine (Evolution Universal AR-15 Magazine Pouch)
  • 1 x Pistol Magazine (Evolution Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch)

Belts: Works with any of our belts including the Minimalist Belt, Cobra Belt, Duty Belt and Urban tactical belt lines. The belt fit depends on the attachment you choose for the back.


  • Black
  • Coyote Brown
  • Ranger Green
  • Wolf Gray

Attachment Options:

  • Standard Quick Clip
  • Safariland 744 BL Adjustable Attachment
  • Molle-Lok
  • UAB Clip
  • DUTY UAB Clip
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