The LE Package

The LE Package


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The Package includes:

1 Belt Pad

2 Standard Pistol Pouches, 1 Tourniquet Pouch, 1 Handcuff Pouch, and 1 Flashlight/Pepper Spray Pouch

*Belt not included

*Black only 

The Wilder Tactical Minimalist Battle Belt is constructed with a laser-cut proprietary 500D Cordura® laminate. Designed with the operator in mind, this versatile belt pad is the perfect foundation for Wilder Tactical Pouches.

The exterior features vertical laser-cut slots that accommodate ANY belt (up to 1.75”). The textured neoprene interior creates a comfortable non-slip system that eliminates the need for a velcro inner Belt.

Sizing: The minimalist belt pad is not designed to fit completely around your waist.  Instead, it should be worn where the ends of the pad rest on your hip bone.   


Customer Reviews

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Great product and excellent customer service.

Unfortunately the minimalist belt and belt pad weren’t for me. I’m to small and couldn’t get all my gear on it. But it felt amazing when I tried it on. Excellent costumer service I was able to return the belt and keep the other gear. Also they swapped out the quick clips for the Molle clips. Will do business with again.

Awesome Belt

I purchased the LE package for my boyfriend & he absolutely loved it!! Great product, great quality. Customer service was awesome!! Definitely a good company to buy from.


Love the LE package. Everything stays in its place without belt keepers. Very comfortable.

Did not disappoint!

Let's start by talking about comfort. I have worked in law enforcement for 14 years. I grew to avoid the discomfort of a duty belt as much as possible by reducing weight and shifting items to pocket carry and using paddle holsters when possible. The minimalist belt however is so comfortable that I no longer even notice the weight and have returned to a fully loaded out duty belt. I can't say enough about how comfortable the padding makes carrying all that crap which means that when I need that item it is back on my belt and easily accessible! There is no movement rotationally or any riding up due to the neoprene backing of the belt, even when entering and exiting a vehicle all day. The belt has built-in keepers but I have not needed to utilize them. The pouches for cuffs, mags and spray work like they should! The retention is great and drawing the items is smooth and fast. Those two features are often hard to find together in duty gear. The build quality is excellent the kydex pouches will obviously hold up to any task. The cord laces are strong and feel quite durable. The stitching on the belt is strong and clean, no lose strings anywhere. The design is great because no molle attachments are required so basically if your gear will fit on a belt it will integrate into this one and will not slide around. Also due to the small width of the belt it avoids the bulky battle belt appearence and is almost unnoticeable. Bottom line is that the minimalist belt is very comfortable, the pouches work flawlessly and it's all well made. Don't hesitate to buy it.

Leo’s personal opinion

First of all I’d like to say the value of this belt is great. I have purchased other battle belts used for LEO duty use and they seem to be way more expensive than this setup. Second of all the material seems well made and sturdy from the belt, pad and Kydex/polymer pouches.
The belt is lightweight and can withstand some abuse.
My only problem with the belt is that it does not have enough room for all my gear for patrol. This duty belt seems made for officers with a plate carrier that can hold other equipment on there vest. As for me I have to wear all my gear on my duty belt and need copious amounts of room for my mag pouches, light, taser, radio, oc spray, baton, 2 pits of cuffs, Holster, camera, TQ holder, etc...

If you are a LEO that has to carry everything on his belt this might not be for you. If you have the option of having a plate carrier and a duty belt then I would definitely recommend this belt.

I use this as my personal battle belt for range, home etc.. hope this was helpful.