Universal Handcuff Holder
Universal Handcuff Holder
Universal Handcuff Holder
Universal Handcuff Holder
Universal Handcuff Holder

Universal Handcuff Holder


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The only 100% Universal Handcuff Holder  

  • Black pouches are now available in a Gen II variant that allows two cuff holders to be stacked on top of each other.

  • Adjustable compression strap design maintains stability even when empty
  • Compatible with hinged and linked handcuffs from Smith & Wesson, Peerless, and ASP
  • Available with a Standard Quick Clip, Safariland 744BL Adjustable (select for use on a Duty Belt), or Molle-Lok attachment
  • Can be piggy-backed to Wilder Evolution Series rifle magazine pouches



Customer Reviews

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Great product!

Excellent pouches. Have two now

Work great with molle locks. Have two on my load bearing vest now. High quality

Good fit for the right handcuff

Overall I like the product. It fits my hinged cuffs much better than my peerless 700's. The chained cuffs seem to just be too small for the holster. Other than that it seems to work well. The cuffs are secure and the retention is good but it isn't too secure where you can't easily access your cuffs.

It also fits the Asp handcuffs well.


Awesome product but wish there was a version to hold two handcuffs

Great Handcuff Holder!

Like with most Kydex manufacturers, I have been very sceptical whether what is shown is worth the money. I have been burned before with some kydex manufacturers where the product looked good, but the quality of workmanship and the ability to withstand hard use were both lacking considerably. As an active LEO, my life depends on equipment that can withstand the hard rigors of the job. Wilder Tactical products outdoes their competition. I have since purchased the LE package and am switching out all my accessory pouches/holders to their products! Well crafted, great retention, holds shape and is made for quick insertion that can be done without taking your eyes off the threat. All in all I could not be more happier with my purchase.