Hitman Gear Tactical Belt: Lightweight & Low

Posted by Josh VanHeusen on Feb 19th 2024

Hitman Gear Tactical Belt: Lightweight & Low

Wider width tactical belts loaded with full magazines and other gear can easily feel too heavy, especially when you are wearing them for longer periods of time.

But lightweight options on the market were often too flimsy and didn’t stand the test of time in supporting the gear most of us carry on our belts.

Our customers told us they wanted to lighten their load, but also still carry what they need on a belt. And they wanted exceptional durability as found in other Wilder Tactical belts.

We were up for that design challenge to create a lightweight belt that is durable, functional, and comfortable to wear.

Enter the Hitman Gear Tactical Belt.

What Is The Hitman Gear Tactical Belt?

We designed the Hitman Gear Belt as a lightweight, low profile tactical belt. It is built in the same way as our Urban series belts with MOLLE columns for easy attachment of your pouches and gear, but it weighs over ½ lb less.


  • Lightweight and minimalistic, but still functions like a traditional tactical belt.
  • Made of tough Squadron with a CURV stiffener to provide a more rigid base while still being lighter.
  • Less hip and back pain compared to wearing a heavy 2”+ tactical style belt for extended periods of time.
    • FYI, a belt pad is a great addition to any belt setup to reduce back and hip strain.
  • Conforms to your body keeping your pouches and equipment pulled in close to reduce any shifts when you’re on the move.


  • For military or law enforcement applications, one of our traditional tactical belts with a COBRA ProStyle buckle may work better for you.
    • A COBRA ProStyle has a minimum load capacity of 4,000 lbs in a loop configuration vs 800 lbs for the COBRA FM.

How Is The Hitman Gear Construction Different?

Our Urban series belts are constructed of two layers of 1.75” type 13 webbing, binding tape, and COBRA ProStyle buckles, which are bigger and heavier.

Our Hitman Gear belt is constructed with a layer of Squadron and CURV plastic stiffener to create a lighter carry.

  • Squadron is the fabric found on most plate carriers and chest rigs.
    • Made of a double layer of Cordura nylon (a layer of 1000D Cordura laminated to a layer of 500D Cordura).
    • Ideal for laser cutting and provides excellent strength and rugged durability.
  • CURV is a thermoplastic composite material that provides the structure and rigidity the belt needs. It is lightweight and durable with high impact strength.

We offer the HMG with your choice of the COBRA FM Buckle or FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE secured with 1” webbing, both lighter than our 1.75” COBRA buckle on our Urban belts.

  • The COBRA FM buckle is a lightweight buckle for general sporting use.
    • Built-in retention requires both buckles to be released at once to unlock it
    • 800lb working capacity; non-PPE
  • The FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE is a magnetic buckle with a modern look.
    • No retention system and a slip magnet locking mechanism
    • Static breaking load of 150lb
    • Use caution if you live in a very hot climate, as the magnetic attraction can be diminished in temperatures of 104F+

You can add an inner belt with a hook and loop tail or a COBRA FM buckle.

The Hitman Gear Belt is a great minimalistic and lightweight addition to our line of belts. If you are in the market for a low-profile belt, this is the one for you.

Hit us up with any questions or feedback!