How To Choose The Best Buckle For Your Battle Belt

Posted by Josh VanHeusen on Apr 10th 2024

How To Choose The Best Buckle For Your Battle Belt

The type of buckle you choose for your tactical belt is mainly personal preference. There are a few considerations when deciding which is best for you.

We offer three buckle styles:

  • 1.75” COBRA ProStyle Buckle
  • FM COBRA Buckle
  • FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE (found on the Hitman Gear belts)

Closure/Retention Type

Both COBRA Buckles are quick-release buckles with built-in safety features. To open them, you must simultaneously press the clips on either end of the buckle, making an accidental release nearly impossible.

The FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE is a slip magnetic closure. It is a self-securing buckle with a pull tab that must be activated to release the fastener. 

While the pull tab helps to prevent accidental releases, it is more prone to it than the COBRA Buckles. It is easier to open than the COBRA Buckles as it can be released with one hand.

Load Capacity

The COBRA FM Buckle is lighter for fashion and sporting goods applications. It is non-PPE, meaning it should not be used as safety equipment. Its load capacity of 800 lbs is generally plenty for most tactical belt users.

Military and law enforcement will likely prefer the 1.75” COBRA Buckle of military-grade aluminum. This heavier-duty buckle has a load capacity of 4,000 lbs in a loop configuration. It is a world leader in buckle strength and meets the highest safety requirements.

The FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE is also a non-PPE buckle with no built-in retention system. It has a load capacity of 150 lbs. This fastener is acceptable for most casual tactical belt users.

The magnetic attraction of the FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE can be diminished in temperatures of 104F+. Therefore, you should exercise caution when using this fastener in a very hot climate.


The COBRA Buckles are more substantial and have a tactical look and feel. They are also heavier and will add weight to your belt setup.

The FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE is a lightweight buckle that weighs in at ½ of the COBRA ProStyle Buckle. It has a more modern appearance that some users will appreciate.

The Best Buckle For You

Choosing the best buckle depends on how you will use it and the look you want for your tactical belt. We receive positive feedback about both COBRA buckles and the V-BUCKLE.

If you have questions about choosing the best buckle type, contact us. We’re happy to recommend a buckle type to you.