Tactical Belt Accessories: Put Together The Best Kit

Posted by Josh VanHeusen on Jan 4th 2024

Tactical Belt Accessories: Put Together The Best Kit

Properly outfitting your tactical belt is a strategic decision based on how you plan to wear it. If you are in law enforcement, your setup may be entirely different than someone who is wearing it at the range or for a shooting competition.

There are many ways to equip and arrange your tactical belt to make it the most useful for you in your environment.

One of the most important aspects is properly distributing the weight of the belt with your accessories so it is comfortable to wear. You need to have just what you need on your belt without excess accessories that won’t be used, only adding more weight.

Types of Tactical Belt Accessories

Let’s take a look at the types of accessories you can add to your tactical belt.

Magazine Pouches

Magazine pouches are a great way to have quick and easy access to additional ammo. Mag holders are available for pistol magazines and rifle magazines.

At Wilder Tactical, we also offer options for double magazine pouches and stackable pouches that will hold both pistol and rifle magazines together. This saves space on your belt and allows you to have more versatility in what you have readily accessible.

Magazine pouches are available in different materials, including molded Kydex (like our Evolution pouches) and soft shell pouches (like our Urban Assault pouches).

Most pistol magazine pouches are adjustable to accommodate different size magazines. We also offer ours for standard and extended pistol magazines.

Dump Pouches

Dump pouches are super versatile for anything extra you may need with you. It can be used for casings, extra magazines, ammo, and more.

This parachute-type material is strong yet thin for compact storage. It can be rolled up small when you’re not using it, so it stays out of the way.

Medical Pouches

You can never be too prepared when you are at the range or on the job. An IFAK (individual first aid kit) must be carried with you to be prepared if something goes wrong.

We offer a medical pouch complete with IFAK or you can get it alone and fill it as you see fit.

A tourniquet is another necessary option to stop bleeding quickly if the need arises. In addition to the combat application tourniquet (CAT), we also offer a slim-line pouch for it.

Law Enforcement Pouches

These LE pouches are specifically made with our friends in law enforcement in mind. An officer’s belt and accessories are a critical part of success on the job. We want to make belts and pouches for LE as lightweight, functional, and reliable as possible.

Pouches for law enforcement include:

  • Handcuffs (single and double) 
  • Dual-function flashlight or pepper spray pouch 
  • Flashbang pouch 
  • Narco pouch to carry Narcan (single and double) 
  • Radio pouch 

Holsters and Platforms

What’s a tactical belt without a gun? There are many different attachment options and platforms for your holster.

Holsters are made for inside and outside the waistband, depending on your carry preference. With a tactical belt, you will be carrying OWB.

With any holster, you must ensure it has the proper attachment to wear with your belt.

Our new Multi Holster Platform (MHP) is a drop leg platform for those who don’t want to attach their holster directly to their belt. This platform attaches to your belt, and then your holster attaches to it as long as it has the correct hardware.

The MHP is designed to use with Safariland QLS or our adapter plate, which was made to work with Alien Gear, G-Code, and Blackhawk Quick Connects.

The benefit of this platform is that it allows you to carry your holster in a lower position. This can be a very convenient option for those who wear a tactical vest. Because it moves your holster lower, you can minimize any issues when drawing your weapon due to your vest.

We also offer an optional leg strap assembly that can add stability and security when using a drop leg holster.

Knife Sheath

You never know when you may need access to a knife when you’re in the field or on the job. A knife sheath keeps it easily accessible when cutting or prying things open becomes a part of your task.

We offer our Stabber Dagger and the holder can be attached to our Multi Holster Platform to save precious room on your belt.

Other manufacturers make knife sheaths out of leather or other durable materials. If it has the proper backing or clip, you should be able to add it to your belt.

Arranging Your Tactical Belt Accessories

When you are considering which accessories to add to your belt, you must be sure the attachment points will work with your belt. We offer UAB clips, Fight Light Malice Clips, and rotating clip options.

Pouches and accessories should be positioned on your belt based on your dominant hand and how you will need to access each pouch. For instance, if you hold your weapon in your right hand to drop the spent magazine, you will want your magazine pouch to be on your left so you aren’t reaching across your body to get a new magazine.

Your dump pouch and med pouch can be stored on the back of your belt as you will likely (and hopefully in the case of the med pouch) need access to it the least.

Balancing the weight of your accessories and contents is crucial to the comfort of your belt. You want to distribute the weight as evenly as possible while also considering how you will access each item. Eliminate the need to reach across your body as much as possible for efficiency and speed.

Popular Wilder Tactical Belt Accessories & Set-Ups

We have put together the most popular belt setups in our belt packages. You will find packages with MOLLE, with inner belts, belt pads, and different combinations of pouches and accessories.

These are starter packages and you can continue to add other accessories as your needs and wants change. Adding another belt to your gear kit may be best if you are wearing a tactical belt in different scenarios requiring different setups. This will reduce the need to reconfigure your belt setup whenever a different situation arises.

In conclusion, customizing your tactical belt kit is highly based on your personal preference and when and how you plan to wear your belt. Enjoy shopping for pouches and attachments to create the ideal kit for you. And if you need help or suggestions, reach out to us. We’re happy to assist.